At Auspol, we offer a wide range of services to our clients, everything to suit their needs to get the project to the next stage, be it a pitch document, artwork, crafted script or teaser / trailer.


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- Consultancy on your project

- Co-Creation of your pitch document

- Pitching Strategy to the Networks


 - Pitching to Networks if the product meets agreed standards +$150 per pitch to cover administration and pitching costs.


This is ideal for completed projects with most of their documentation and media in place. We help you craft what you already have into a sellable product.


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- Story arc, characters and theme creation

- Script consultancy

- Pitch Document Creation (excluding media)

- 3 pitches to Networks


This is ideal for newer content creators, who have an idea but are unsure of how to develop it into a sellable product.


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1 - 2 pages of notes: $150 per reader

Up to 5 pages of notes: $250 per reader

Personal feedback session: $350 per reader

For writing or co-writing services, price negotiable.



1 - 2 pages of notes: $750 per reader

Up to 5 pages of notes and a personal feedback session: $1000


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MEDIA CREATION (10% discount for all signed up members)


- Self Tape Pitch Video (3 - 5 minute script): $250

Self tapes are increasingly required for most funding and pitching opportunities


- Photo shoot: $1000 (includes model(s), photographer and post production)

Visuals in a pitch document are vital for success


- Teaser / sizzle reel shoot:

$3200 per day of shooting (talent, crew, catering, equipment, post production.

Location costs & specialist services are not included),


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- As we've grown, we are increasingly being asked to sell our products directly to distributors. We are growing our contact lists, and have good access already to the TV networks, and some DVD distributors.


So give us a call, and let's see what we can do.


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